2023-2024 Members

  • LeeAnn Ilminen (Co-chair), University for Seniors
  • Jodi Straka (Co-chair), Office of Admissions
  • Sally Bradt, ITSS
  • Melissa Carlson, Housing Office
  • Al Dahl, Student Association
  • Jackie Heytens, Department of Social Work
  • Judy Hlina, Disability Resources
  • Kalie Jeremiason, Disability Resources
  • Lisa Kittelson, Academic Affairs
  • Michael Lackore, Facilities Management
  • Tess Linval, Kathryn A. Martin Library
  • Christine Lovejoy, Academic Affairs
  • Meryl Lucchesi-Freyberg, Disability Resources
  • Pam Merzwski, Office of the Vice Chancellor for Finance and Operations
  • John O'Neill, Department of Graphic Design
  • Alissa Postal, Disability Resources
  • Gina Pudlick-Hendricks, Kirby Student Center
  • Annette Romualdo, Department of Education
  • Susan Rhoads, Health Services
  • Tim Walters, Disability Resources
  • Lauren McDonald, Office of Admissions
  • Bekky Vrabel, Kathryn A. Martin Library
  • Lea Morey Finstrom, Health Services

What's involved?

Members are self-selected subject to approval by the Chancellor.

Typical term of service is 3 years.

New members receive on-boarding to learn about the commission.

Members must attend at least ONE commission meeting per semester and ONE event.

Members must stay up to date reading meeting minutes and documents emailed to group.

For more information on membership, please contact the commission chairs.